Bio Supplements Defrizante Gloss 2 in 1

The Anti-Frizz Relaxing Gloss is a balm that coats the hair’s cuticle and straightens each hair strand without any chemical action.  Its thermal protection formula has a protein complex that defends the hair from external heating agents.

Bio Supplements Anti-Residue Shampoo

The Anti-Residue Shampoo is a deep cleanser of the hair and scalp.  Its primary function is to eliminate the residue build-up from the use of other products and the impurities of external agents.  The mild formula of Mint and Macela extracts will cleanse while protecting and maintaning the hair structure.

Bio Supplements Texturizing Pomade

The Texturizing Pomade allows you to take charge of your hair style.  It separates pieces, distinguishes layers or bends and defines ends.  Style your hair with freedom.  It texturizes and sculpts with light hold that’s never crunchy.

Bio Supplements Control Pomade

The Control Pomade is a finishing product that adds texture, shine and will hold your hair style without being sticky and greasy. Style your hair with freedom. It texturizes and sculpts with medium hold that is never crunchy.

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